CCNA R & S looking for advise

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hi there,
I got my comptia S+ 3 weeks ago. now I'm planning to go through CCNA.
With Comptia there were 2 possibilities to take the exam (in case you don't pass the first time).

1. Does anybody know if Cisco CCNA has that bundle option too or you have to pay again if failed?
2. Does anybody know a good book to 'help' me pass?

I was studying to pass N+, but I can't see opportunities with comptia certifications so I am thinking to pass the CCNA r and s.


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    If you wish to retake any Cisco exam you must pay the full exam fee each time (unless you are able to find a voucher / have some other financial assistance).

    There are several threads (recently posted) mentioning study materials for CCNA. Do a quick search / browse and you will find it.

    The big names in book / training material:

    Wendell Odom
    Todd Lammle
    Chris Bryant

    Big names in video material:
    Jeremy Cioara
    Keith Barker
    Anthony Sequeira
    Chris Bryant
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    I'll add to that Video Material list, one of my favorites:

    Kevin Wallace
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