Started PWK looking for other friends to colaborate on IRC

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Hey guys/Gals

I've started PWK and I'm doing fairly good. I've owned 4 boxes in 6 days of hacking. I know a lot of members in this group have experience with PWK. If you are on the #OFFSEC IRC channel lets connect. Send me a private message with your nick name. Any recommendations would be great from the guys who have passed.

I really want and need this certification. I've set my eyes on it.

Jinverar, TSS


  • JinverarJinverar Member Posts: 95 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Link is not going to work for me because of location. I checked with support and just as long as there are no spoilers we are ok to meet on irc and become friends or brothers.

    No spoilers.

    Jinverar, TSS
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    I probably should have said "I've started PWK" and I'm excited to get this certificate. icon_smile.gif I know a lot of people in this group have completed it. Thanks for the support.

    I will look at the link later this week.
    Jinverar, TSS
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    Crap ok, sorry I saw the discord and thought someone was getting me into trouble. It looks like the discord server is a form of collaboration. The only reason I know this is because I read something about that in another post. Anyway I hope it is and I will join later icon_smile.gif
    Jinverar, TSS
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    Sorry about, I should have elaborated more. I was bouncing between tabs and forget not everyone knows what discord is. It's a collaboration platform with a lot of features, but mainly the chat room is used for discussion, very similar to IRC. In this case though it's centrally based, there's a web application or desktop based applications to access it. IRC seems to be blocked at a lot of companies now, so this seems to better for most. The channel above and in the invite thread will bring you to the Tech Exams OSCP collaboration room. Also, the Offsec forum is the best place to find hints, but it helps to have some encouragement from the others around here. The official IRC channel is full of "try harder" and "contact support".
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    Hey, thanks for the reply. i keep trying to get into discord and when I enter the chat room it says no one is around.

    I get the black grey screen and I am in a chat room that looks like "Slack" only there is no one around

    Let me know I can post a screen shot.

    Jinverar, TSS
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    Is this discord active? I'm targeting a July/August start date for OSCP
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