Thin Client PCs in 2017

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Hey Guys ,

If you have some time on hand and want to share some ideas for the sake of it i have a request,

I'm currently A Product manager for a large ISP and we dabble a lot on cloud services. if you read my other posts (only 1 thread) you ll get a better picture but the gist of it is i'm leaving the company soon and the last project that ill work on is to create a thin client pc offering for our business customers. The commercial part is not smth i would bother you with but what i want you to do, is share your opinions on the technologies used which is the better approach on the architecture side of things. Consider it an open discussion and no topic is irrelevant. We have our own datacenter with blade servers from hp(the whole shebang). All opinions are valued as most of you would be my target customers anyway :D.

Thank you and have fun,



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    Unless you can do it really cheaply, or have some amazing value added services, I really cannot see why anyone would buy your Desktop as a Service offering, when it can be purchased frp, a number of already mature vendors. its already a mature market. You have one datacenter. I personally think you are wasting your time...
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    I see that you are in Albania. The market for DaaS to businesses in the US is going to be competitive - if you are going after the EU market - GDPR is likely to be a challenge. I recall lightly looking at this type of business a few years ago but didn't want to deal with a capital raise. I think I would have probably explored a Xen base and provided Microsoft desktops. Have you looked at being a Citrix service provider hosting partner? That could be an option. Not sure that you would necessarily want to build your own stack.
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