Subnet question for Lab work (Michael Jang book)

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Hi all,

I purchased Michael Jang's RHEL 7 study guide in preparation for the RHCSA exam, and am currently trying to setup my lab. I have a machine I'll be using as a KVM host, from which I'll create the test VMs (server1, tester1).

The outsider1 machine is supposed to be on a different subnet (I think 192.168.120 instead of 192.168.122 -- sorry, I could be off on that, don't have the book in front of me right now). I figured I'd setup a second VLAN on my router and use a physical host as the outsider machine, but...

I've spent a lot of time trying to get the second VLAN working on my crappy ActionTec MI424WR router (provided by my ISP). Have done some googling to get helpful tips, but no matter what I try, it just won't assign an IP when connecting a machine to the port I set for the second vlan.

In any case - before I waste more time on this, is there a good way to simulate another subnet with an outsider1 VM?


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    I personally wouldn't bother with seperate vlans ... just put both on and they will be on different networks.
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    Have you been following this?


    Can you post up what your configuration in the router looks like?
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    @asummers: what exactly do you mean?

    @dontstop: that's the document I was using. The problem is it's for revision A-D, and my router is revision I. The instructions aren't 1-for-1 and I've tried a few different things now. Honestly, I can't remember exactly what was done, and I might just have to reset the router at some point. I can't even get the port I assigned to the second vlan to release/reset the PVID. Maybe there's a way, but this POS router is not intuitive. I've done some googling and it seems many people have issues with this router.

    Ideally I'd like to do this with outsider1 being a VM, so I don't have to mess with the router anymore. Is this possible? I haven't started the KVM activities yet, so I'm unfamiliar with it at this point.
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    I actually used Jang book and religiously followed his lab set up. OP, if you are attempting to emulate his virtualized setup into a physical setup, then congratulations, you've just defeated the purpose of virtualization. However, if you wish to to extend that same network to another physical host, then it's probably your intention to build a cluster, which would require a little overhead.

    You are probably overthinking this. Let's try to keep your home lab as simple as possible as your sole objective is to pass the RHCSA exam. You can have creative fun later when you truly master the materials.
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