failed miserably - kindly help

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i am very sad today i just failed my CCNA intro and just feel like **** . my scores are 704/1000.
the breakdown of this exam result is as follows
DEsign and suport --- 100%
Implementation and operation -- 52%
technology -- 50%

kindly please tell me where am i going wrong and what i need to start reviewing and doing more. i am open to all suggestions as this result has made a big setback to my ICND prepartation.
thanks for all your feedback and suggestions
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    Sorry to hear of your result, but please don't take it too badly. Learn from it instead.

    What study materials are you using at the moment?
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    First exams are always extra tough -- more so if this was your first certification also..... you just have to shake it off and move on. It might take a few days to get your focus back and effectively study again.... but try anyways.

    Subnetting! Subnetting! Subnetting!

    Subnetting is the topic that you have to "get" to continue your studies. And it could take a while until it "clicks" -- try this web site:

    There is also a site that is nothing but practice questions -- but I never remember the URL -- but I'm sure someone else remembers it and will post it.

    What did you use to study? The Cisco Press Books are always recommended. The Sybex book is great for Subnetting, weak/non-existant on NAT (download the update).

    Check out the exam blueprint on the Certification Section of the Cisco web site to get a high level overview of the topics covered on the exam.

    What is your experience with networking? computers? What about the hands on practice? Do you have access to routers and switchs to practice with? Simulator?

    Give us an idea how and what you studied and your experience level -- and I'm sure a bunch of us will be happy to jump in and give you our opinios on what you should do -- which will help take your mind off the exam failure until you decide what to do next (using our great advice as a guide).

    Good Luck!
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    Even I din't get it in my first try. But gave more confidence before going for the second on. Even I believe subnetting could help you a lot
    Life is a journey...
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