AWS question!!!!

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Hi Folks,

I know this is not the most appropriate place to ask the above question. Since I can't find a more appropriate place, why not ask it here anyway?

Have anyone here, especially those from India attended any AWS trainings with CloudThat in Bangalore? Since I am into Cloud security, I am looking into the AWS solution Arch or the Developer Certs. Will appreciate advice from anyone who knows them well.


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    I would recommend getting training from here:

    Ryan is great.
    great training videos and hands on labs
    good luck on your exams
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    Strong agree on acloudguru. I want specialize in Cloud Security, so I purchased the acloudguru videos on udemy when they were on sale for $10.00.

    The sample questions on udemy are not the same as the actual AWS test, but you can write acloudguru and they will give you access to as well, which has test questions more inline with the actual AWS exam.

    I achieved the "Triple-A" (all three AWS associate certs) via acloudguru/udemy, and just purchased the acloudguru series on AWS Security which I plan on doing after the CISSP.
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