Studying Network + w/o any prior Network exp

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Hi there,

Currently studying for Net + and I don't have any hands on experience at all (yeah it sucks!) But I do have A+ so I kind of know the basic/general concepts of networking. I'm currently using Myers Network + study guide and going over Prof. Messer's videos as well. Any tips from someone that passed the Network+ that has no prior experience? How long did you study for before having the guts to take the exam? I'm also thinking about buying the voucher with the re-take bundle. Thank you!


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    Not speaking from experience, only from what i've read and heard:
    CompTIA A+ / N+ / S+ should be a study time of around 3 months (1-2 hrs a day) to pass.
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    Awesome. I know it all depends on the person taking the exam but how do you compare A+ and N+? Difficulty wise
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    It depends on how many hours you can study per day (efficiently as well), so everyone has a different time range on how fast they completed their Network+,

    in example, I studied for 2 weeks and passed, but I have network experience. Others on the forum have taken anywhere from 1 month to 6 months.

    I used Exam Cram book + practice questions and Professor Messer Videos to study. Make sure you print out the exam objectives from comptias website and go over those before you take the real test and make sure you know each concept.
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    Hi @neochanges1. I had previous network experience, but it had been years since I was in the field. It was almost like starting over. :) I didn't have a way to actually get my hands on equipment either. I took about 4 months, but I took my time and didn't study every day until the last month. If you have time go to meetups or join a group and try to get connected as much as you can. I really tried to immerse myself in the field also by reading everything I could on infosec (what I was interested in). You'll never know for sure if you'll pass, but if you can talk in detail about all the objectives on the n+ exam you should rock it. I didn't buy the retake and I didn't need it, I guess I'm a gambler.
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    Its significantly harder than 901 and a bit harder than 902. I can tell you that I bought the Pearson UCertify course for it without labs and failed on my first attempt- gonna give it another shot on Wednesday. If you have a .edu student email account- buy the exam voucher from Comptia Academia- it saves you like half off.
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    I took Network+ ages ago when it was first in 2000. It was definitely different material at the time, but I also had almost no networking experience. Still I passed, and did fine on my score....I think in the 90%. Also, in 2000 there wasn't a lot of study material around, I think I may have used an Exam Cram book, and research on the internet. Anyway, just saying not to let the lack of experience stop you. The exam will be a challenge, but keep in mind N+ is meant to be foundational knowledge so it's a good way to start.

    Good luck! Keep us posted.
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    Thanks for all the response, I'm getting pumped! I set a target to myself on writing the exam some time in April. Have a great day! :)
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    I had previous experience and only needed to study about 3 weeks before taking the exam. Of course, that was back in 2012 so I know it's changed a lot since then as well. For someone with no experience I agree that 3 months is probably reasonable if you dedicate a couple hours each day and maybe a little more on weekends to studying. Your A+ experience will certainly be helpful to you as well. Good luck!
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    I am giving it in May as well, no experience. just study hard, and hope to pass. icon_wink.gif
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    Goodluck! What materials are you using if I may ask?
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    I am using prof. messer videos and exam cram book.

    doing tests on the side from exam compass, exam cram cd and mean to take transcender tests too, later.
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    Hi guys. New to this forum. I just passed the exam today with an 802. I read Mike Meyers' book twice 6 months ago, then recently watched all the videos in his Udemy course, and then watched some of Prof Messer's videos to reaffirm some areas where I needed a bit more help. I practiced subnetting all the time and often score 100% on subnetting practice exams and in the mid 90's on the practice exams on Exam Compass website. After doing all that, the test still caught me off guard with most of the questions. Most of them were you're a technician scenario with this type of network and this is happening - about 85% or more of them. The simulator questions were pretty tough as well. The first one was a VLSM subnetting scenario! Lots of troubleshooting process and LOTS of security NAC & RADIUS/TACACS type questions. Anyway, it's not that it was extremely difficult, it's just that everyone talks about how easy Net plus is, so I thought hey, let me knock this out really quick- well it wasn't as easy as I thought. None of the practice exams that I took online from various sites prepared me for these types of questions. There was no how many mbps for a wireless G, or what type of copper wiring for 10GBaseT, or how fast is a T1. None of that. Most of the questions were a few layers deep. ..Word of the wise. Save the simulation questions for last by flagging them for later and knock out the multiple choice first. Those simulation questions eat up a lot of time and you only get 90 mins for 86 questions. Good luck! Make sure you really know the material before going in. I think this N10-006 is tougher than the Net + exams of old.
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