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I am working on studying for Mac Integration Certification. I was wondering what study materials can use. I decided to buy a used Mac off of eBay to practice on. I actually find this a tough exam as hard as that is to believe just because I know nothing about the Mac. For next couple weeks I am going to do everything on a Mac just to get use to using it. At work I have worked with Apple Laptops at the hardware level. Taking apart/ putting together/ fixing at hardware level. I currently work as a Laptop Technician.

I passed MCTS windows 7, several MTA's, A+, N+, S+. I actually found these exams easier to learn than the Mac exams just because I know Windows very well, but don't know Macs all that well. Very new material for me. I owned a Mac mini years ago, but really don't know that much about Macs.

I am studying the free study guides and I bought a study guide for the ACSP exam, wow a lot new material. I find the study material in the ACSP study guide bought difficult just because my Mac knowledge is very limited. Most of what is in the study guide I do not know at all it is very new to me. For that reason I find the Mac exams more difficult than the Microsoft exams just because it is very unfamiliar material.

I was trying to find material specific to Mac Integration exam, but only can find the free study guide on Apples website. I want start of with the Mac Integration exam to ease into the ACSP because I think it will take me a while to learn everything on the ACSP exam. Any one know any guides for the Mac Integration Exam?
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    The free study guide is sufficient to study for the exam. A bit of hands on, on the same version of OS X/macOS that the exam is on, is very useful.

    Since the exam is online and open book, it isn't terribly hard. You can use the Apple study guide, or check things on the actual Mac. But you need to study enough that you are confident to answer questions without feeling the need to look everything up or else you will run out of time.

    The ACSP guide is a lot more than you need for the Mac Integration Basics, but is still worthwhile to read and can make a good reference book. The ACSP exam itself is more along the traditional lines, being proctored and a bit tougher again. I think that the ACSP is only run at Apple Training providers, so might be challenging to find somewhere that offers it. Apple seems to be moving away from their OS certifications.
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    The Integration Basics test is very easy. I took the El Capitan version back in August and it was a breeze. I have a lot of experience using Macs but even without the experience I think it should be easy to pass since it is an open book test. I'm currently studying for the ACSP exam for Sierra. I'm going to order the book this week. I was in the position to take the ACSP exam for El Capitan but but I took too long to take the test. My job even sent me to the 3 day boot camp for El Cap. Not a lot has changed between version that I can tell. I just want to have the latest copy of the book to study from. When I took the 3 day boot camp the instructor emphasized that the test is based on the book. If you know the info in the book and you have hands on experience then you can pass the test. I'm giving myself three solid weeks of studying and then I'm going to take the test.
    I've noticed that it is very difficult to find any other resources for studying for this exam. Outside of the official book and the study guide, my only other resource is the Apple Support community. There are a lot of good articles there. Just search for a subject within the support community and you will find plenty of information.
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    I just passed the Mac Integration Basics!

    I didn't find it an easy exam however my Mac knowledge is weak. I learned a lot studying for it and buying a used Mac and practicing with the Mac everyday for 2 weeks. The study guide for the ACSP is like a 900+ page book! So I will give myself more time to study for the ACSP cert and will practice everyday on it.
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    I studies for this exam in one weekend, the free guide that comes with it is sufficient enough.
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    You have FREE ilearn: Advance ACSP application for iOS, most of the questions are from the exam, and this help me a lot to pass the exams.
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