First DoD IT job- lots of downtime!

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Hello everybody. After completing my Net+ and SEC+ a month ago I took an IT-mid job at a military base near my house last week(I recently got out of the military and this is also the same base I was stationed at while serving so its cool to be back as a civilian). I have not a second of experience in IT but they still hired me as a mid level desktop support guy (I am grateful and fortunate for this opportunity to say the least), on top of that, all the folks I work with seem awesome. My only thought is that I work a shift in which there is so little to do, so I decided maybe I could start studying for a new cert or start studying programming as it also seems cool. Any suggestions? CEH seems interesting. CASP fulfills DOD 8570 level 3 so maybe this cert plus a year in desktop support could open some more doors? Any thoughts on what certs make sense are appreciated.


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    CASP will check some good boxes in that IA Workforce matrix. The concepts covered in CEH can definitely be fun to learn, thought I'll reserve comment on the certification itself. Otherwise, if you get a chance, perhaps try going for a "broadening" certification such as Windows 10, Server 2012, or CCNA - or work on scripting with Python or PowerShell. Any of those would give you some good knowledge that would be very helpful in your next role.
    CCIE Security - this one might take a while...
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    Awesome, thank you. Yeah there really are so many options for certs its almost hard to decided which one is the best for ROI, which one is the most interesting, which one holds the most weight outside the DoD world, etc.
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    Definitely go for CASP. As your experience and duties expand, and if you care to remain there, see about other jobs. Get CEH or CISSP to get into IAM and CND positions.
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    Which base are you working at?
    Look up the Signal University there. They usually have good certification classes for the basic certs but you have to complete the skillport classes first. If you have time on your hands, use it appropriately.
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