Having a tough time with C173 at WGU. I need advice.

Hi I'm having a real hard time understanding and following Udacity. I understand code academy. The udacity material is making me frustrated as it is very hard to follow (I'm at Udacity lesson 5). Do you guys and gals have any advice? Are there other material that i can use instead of Udacity? Any tips to pass this class?? Please me know, thank you in advance.


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    I found Udacity materials to be pretty good and easy to follow, but didn't listen to them much as I'm kind of almost 20 years in the industry... Went through codeacademy quickly to learn the basic syntax, did flashcards etc that help you memorize what Udacity course teaches to make sure I get the definitions and passed it with 92%.

    So try to skip the course and do codeacademy only plus flashcards and quizzes to memorize definitions given on Udacity course and do a preassessment to see if it worked.
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    I've found Lynda "Foundations of Programming: Fundamentals" course by Simon Allardice to be very easy to follow and informative and that was enough for me to pass C173 with 80% on the first attempt.
    Though I should mention that I've studied computer science and programming some 17 years ago, so I had some very rusty knowledge about all of the topics, except for Python, but that was an easy bit.
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    I agree that programming is difficult, only because I personally "don't understand the syntax". I barely squeezed by my 2 college programming classes with C's...I guess that is why there are MANY different areas of IT you can work in & not have to program code. However, with me coming into my 18th yr working in IT, I find myself needing to learn some type of coding language to make my job simpler. Just think of ourselves as data miners, we all have to deal with some sort of data everyday, either from exporting PST from Outlook, backups/restores, swapping a system out, fine tuning a huge crystal report, etc. I am currently trying to dig into Linux more though I am a Windows guy, it is similar, but definitely different since you can basically do everything via cmd line in Linux. But now, Windows is following Linux lead now with Powershell so you can do everything in Windows via cmd line. Hang in there, and I will definitely check out that Lynda fundamentals to see if it will help reinforce what I already know about programming.

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    Alright, thanks guys. :)
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