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I work for a medium ISP who have switched to carrier voice stuff in the last year. Our work is now heavily voice related. We are encouraged to take pressure of our Voice Team but at the same time the NOC is essentially self-learning, no training provided.

I can find info from the customers perspective but not from a carriers perspective. Would anyone know if there is carrier-side voice info around on the internet? For example, it would be great if there was a dissection of a PCAP for a DTMF issue with no dial response after hitting a IVR.

I'll have access to pull PCAP's that include SDP/RTP (previously only SIP) so now is a great time to dig in deep.



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    I'm surprised, and a bit disappointed that there has been no response, as I have been looking for the same. I am the voice guy where I work, but I've been learning it the hard way by running traces of a working call, and a non working call, and placing them side by side looking for differences, then trying to find out what those are in the RCFs, and by asking a lot of questions from one of the senior guys at the company I work for.

    I have never heard of that particular problem with SIP lacking the DTMF. I think the call setup will need to have the full digits before negotiating the session, but I have seen it with POTS. When that happens, I call the end user and have them answer the line, and press each button on their number pad and listen. This way, I can make sure their is no hardware problem with the phone itself not being able to make the DTMF sounds. Once you know that the phone is generating the sounds needed, I check the CDRs to see if their are calls missing digits. Sometimes raising the receive gain on that line fixes the problem.
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    The SIP School SSCA course & exam. They're exactly what you guys need!
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