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As always a great thanks to the TE community for sharing their experience and advice. My only study resources were:

CEH Certified Ethical Hacker All-in-One Exam Guide, Third Edition, 3rd Edition
CEH Certified Ethical Hacker Practice Exams, Third Edition, 3rd Edition

I studied off and on for the last 3-4 weeks. I was not consistent but I did eventually read all of the AIO from front to back. I used the 60 question practice exam in the appendix to see where I was overall and did only the chapter practice exam for what I needed some help with.

Even with only those few resources I feel like I overstudied. Although the only hands on knowledge I had was with Wireshark, I did not actually install or use any of the tools in the book (nmap, hping, etc). However I was familiar with the purpose of those tools and other tools as well though nmap seemed to be all EC-Council dreamed of.

Essentially I think my advice for CEH is the same for CISSP. If you can wake up and pass Security + with absolutely zero preparation anytime anywhere then you basically know all you need to know. The rest is common IT sense. If you already have a good grasp of security and networking concepts then you're good. Don't worry. The test itself did have a few poorly worded questions but what shocked me the most was the numerous of grammatical and spelling errors. In some cases the grammar made me doubt what the true answer was supposed to be. There seemed to be no quality checking of a lot of their Q/A.

My motivation for the test was only because it was a DoD requirement for me to obtain it. It will be a nice resume check though.


I haven't read anyones experience on TE yet about ProctorU and it was my first time using them. The sign up was easy and simple but before warned security conscious people. It wasn't until I was browsing /r/CEH last night for the first time that I learned that prior to starting the exam you are required to download the LogMeIn RAT and submit control of your computer to the proctors. That unnerved me quite a bit and although I thought of using a virtual machine I figured that would be detected and I opted to just create a new standard user on my machine and then immediately delete the account afterwards.

I learned my limit when it comes to privacy vs cost. Since the I had already bought the voucher (prior to the price increase mind you) and a physical test is $100 more I just dealt with it but I was not pleased and I made sure the survey knew that a heads up would have been nice and not to have learned from Reddit about this.

Lastly speaking of Reddit, they are all about advocating the usage of exam ****! Even a mod commented in one thread about how great a particular study source (****) was without actually saying it was a ****. I'm glad TE has pretty high standards and is overall ethical on how they view taking these examinations.


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