CISSP as a recognised certification

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I have been doing a round of Job Interviews and I was under the impression that the CISSP was quite recognised but I have only discovered one hiring manager/Team lead out of eight who had any idea what it was.

This is in the UK and included some major defence contractors. One was interested in knowing what it was as I had it listed as number one on my key qualifications and then in the next sentence asked why I had not bothered to get a CCNA - this was for a software testing role not a network one.

Having to explain what the CISSP is sort of kills its impact somewhat. These are all roles which advertised for a candidate with Cyber/Security experience.


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    Those are interesting statistics. In your opinion, did the size of the company have in anything to do with it? I've talked with a lot of people in IT who recognize that CISSP means something but they don't know the specifics. Unless you follow certs or are heavily invested in security professionally, you might not immediately know one security cert from another. Also, depending on the industry or size of the company you might not have need to be exposed... maybe... Asking about CCNA for a software testing role is telling...
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    PenguPengu Member Posts: 46 ■□□□□□□□□□
    These were all [very big] [they don't come much bigger] companies.

    I have also noticed that the number of security job postings that list CISSP as advantageous seem to be decreasing in the UK. These days CREST/GIAC/CLAS seem to be the desirable quals to have.

    Oh and CCNA :)
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