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I just couldn't hold on to this news until our 4th anniversary in June:

Throughout this year, we are going to have some major features added to our test engine:

1. Randomized answers (we already have Randomized questions, and likewise it will be a user configurable optional option )

2. Fill in the blank question type (for cisco commands for example)

3. Hotspot question type (click a setting on a screenshot of a Windows dialog box, for example)

4. Drag-and-drop question type (I'm not sure why I'm explaining the question types... icon_wink.gif )

Since I simply cannot afford to have them added all at once, we have to spread this out over several months. The goal is to have it finished within 2 months, but at least one feature per month is probably more realistic.

Some other things I like to add in the future:
- score history per member with option to make publicly available (this would also allow us to do some games/challenges with products/vouchers as prized)
- score percentage per domains/sections on score report/review page

Not a hint (since we have ads to pay for this) but to those who used the donate option, this is where the money will go to, so thanks again!

If you have any comments/suggestions/ideas regarding our test engine, this would be a good time to share it. One of the things we likely won't be adding for some time, is a Cisco sim, which is too expensive even for some commerical practice exam providers.

Johan :D


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    Thanks icon_wm.gif! Pretty Exciting.
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    Thanks Johan!

    As far as donations go, you're on the list when I get a perm. job. This site, and several freeware pieces of software (such as adaware and spybot) have proven to be so valuable either as a learning tool or as an overall product that I feel it necessary to put something back into it.
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    That's Hot!
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    Sounds good.... icon_cool.gif
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    Yes, exciting indeed. It's the third time I'm hiring developers to expand it (cause my php skills are limited to making minor changes), but the amount of work it will take this time will be more than has gone into it so far. I will keep you all posted about the new features through this topic. I'm not sure in which order they will be added, but I think in the order I listed them above. This also means I will focus more on writing and creating practice questions then TechNotes for a while.

    Active membership is much more appreciated than any donation (well.. 'any'? ;), I'm sure you get the point)but appreciated neverthless. Our advertisers seem to be happy with the response they are getting here. And long as I can call this my main job, I'm happy too. I'm working hard to finish the Security+ Special Edition and the Network+ Special Edition, which is my preferred 'donate' option.
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    Sounds great, looking forward to it.

    Also just a quick thanks Johan for all the effort you put in for us guys (& girls obviously)!

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    Thanks Sie :D

    The developers told me they started on it last week, so I should be implementing the first feature(s) soon. I think we'll start with the randomized answers feature, which 'will' require me to make some slight modifications to all questions, but it will be worth it imo.
  • gabrielbtoledogabrielbtoledo Member Posts: 217
    Oh my god, I'm so happy I found this site. And I recommend to anyono with no regrets.
    Johan, let me know if I can help somehow. Even beta-testing the new engine. I would be glad to help.
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    Thanks Johan, these changes sound great!

    Best of luck!
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    You are all most welcome. I originally created the test engine myself based on a very simple quiz php script and it's nice to be able to expand it into something more professional. I just had a chat with the developers, and it looks like we'll be implementing the new features over a shorter period of time. Not sure yet when the first one(s) will be added, but I assume it's a matter of weeks.
    Johan, let me know if I can help somehow. Even beta-testing the new engine. I would be glad to help.
    Actually, I can use a couple of beta testers, mainly to see if it works for different browsers and operating systems. If you are interested, please shoot me an email at webmaster 'at' techexams.net, with the subject "TE 2.0 beta tester", and include the OS and browser +versions in your message. You will receive an url for the beta engine as soon as it becomes available.
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    We are almost at the point of setting up a beta of the new test engine, featuring the fill-in-the-blank, hotspot, and random answers question types. Those who offered to help out and test the beta version will receive an email soon.
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    All hail icon_wm.gif
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    Thanks webmaster! And to all the developers who contributed to such a wonderful resource that helps to make certification a little easier to tackle!

    Thank You!
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