Testing convergence and viewing results

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Hi all,

So I've designed two identical IPv6 topologies within GNS3 and implemented one with EIGRP and the other OSPF.

I created a ping from R9 to R1 and then shutdown the s0/0 on R2. There is packet loss show on R9 and a delay of around 4/5 seconds. Is there a better way to view that convergence time by show commands or debugging I can use. I know the results are not real world as dynamips uses my system RAM etc but I want to compare the results regardless.



  • PikeyMikeyPikeyMikey Member Posts: 12 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Ok so I've figured out how to use wireshark within GNS3 and have some information back. When does convergence start here and end?

    Is it when the neighbour solicitation or neighbour advertisement happens? or is it R2s first hello message to R9 once the link has been restore. I believe the convergence has completed once R9 sends its final update message to R2 or is it when R2s hello (ack) is sent back?

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