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Hi there

Looking for opinion from people who have succeeded or have experience in CISSP official exam.

My Source Material:

1) I have read the Shon Harris 7th edition cover to cover.
2) And read many internet sources for any doubts I had in that Shon Harris book.

My Practice Tests so far:

1) I scored 82% in the Shon Harris final test (142 questions). The individual chapter tests I usually scored 80% or more since I would have just finished reading the chapter.

2) Used the "CISSP Official (ISC)2 practice tests" by Mike Chapple and David Seidl.

- There were 2 full practice tests (250 questions each) at end of the book.
- I scored 79% and 83% respectively for an average of 81% in those 2 tests.
- I didn't take the individual chapter tests in this books. Just took one or two and scored between 75 and 80%.
Since I did shon harris for individual chapter and final tests, I went straight to the final two tests in the ISC^2 official tests book.

- I took 5 hours including 20 minute lunch break and two 5 minute bathroom breaks to complete the 250 questions.


- Are these practice test scores enough to take/pass the test? I understand it's just an opinion, but serves as an indicator and experience.
- If not, can you please point to some good full practice test source(s)?



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    Hard to say for sure but on my practice tests I was averaging about 75-77% and I passes. I didn't take any Shon Harris tests though so can't compare them.
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