Passed JNCIS-SEC... Just

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Not a huge amount of info about JNCIS-SEC, but I passed the exam recently. Only just I think. I found it more difficult than I did CCNA security (way more) and as with JNCIA-JUNOS I think the study guides and Junos Genius with some practical experience was enough to get me through.

It was a mix of basic trivia and some much harder and quite granular questions which I think I only knew from working with it every day. I spent probably 3 months studying the materials and have 8 months or so experience deploying and working with Juniper SRXs (I am a 'security engineer' working in a design and implementation role doing most of whats in the JNCIS-SEC). I was convinced I was to fail based on lack of UTM experience but somehow scored 100% on that section. I found it a challenging exam actually and find Juniper exams a refreshing change from Cisco ones.

I was planning on getting on with JNCIP-SEC but honestly I dont work with many of the technologies listed in the course content so I have decided to leave that for a while and focus on CCNP security (I need to renew CCNP R&S by the end of the year and hope to have CCNP Security nailed by the end of 2018 as thats the sort of pace I study at). That way hopefully I can gain more experience before focusing on the JNCIP-SEC exam as I dont feel I am ready to start that yet, from the sounds of upcoming work projects I think I will have real world practical experience of JNCIP-SEC topics to make an effort to pass it.

Hope thats of some help to someone somewhere! If you know your stuff I am sure you'll do good.


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