Passed 210-260!

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Study Materials Cbtnuggets, 31 days before book, Boson Practice tests, many white pages.

Length: 3 Months.

Attempts: 2

I originally had taken the test 2 months into my studies, at this time I had only reviewed the CBTnuggets videos and the Boson practice test. I took the test while I had a fever and kinda blew through it very quickly. As you would expect I had failed. I did know what areas I was weak in and purchased the 31 days book, and the INE video series. I started the INE video series and found it very introductory and thought it would be a great starting point had I not watched the cbtnuggets videos first. I ultimately decided to re-watch the cbtnuggets videos and to slow down and take notes and lab the material. I also picked up the 31 days before book and went through this completely. Before my test I made sure I could go through all of the Boson tests at a 90% pass rate. The morning before the test I reviewed the parka document from the cbtnuggets course, and found the bolded material very useful.

31 days before book - While the information was good I think the book is very short and expensive for what you get. I think I picked it up for $40 at Barnes and Nobles. Upon receiving the book I found that if you purchase the digital copy you get access to some videos. These videos are NOT new information and simply rehash what is in the book, I recommend not buying the digital copy just for the videos.

INE - I did not go through the whole course but felt like it is a great introductory. I believe I paid $80 and received two video courses. From what I saw I would recommend as an all in one material or an introductory to the material.

CBTNuggets - This was GOLD Keith Barker is one of my favorite instructors. Course appears to be 7 hours long but through homework videos course is closer to 30 hours in my opinion. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION if you use this course, I had questions on topics that Keith mentioned briefly in his videos. Had I not watched it a second time I may not have picked these up.

Boson - This is also crucial, dive deep into these questions and understand the diagrams provided. Study additional white pages for topics that you feel weak on. The simulations really help you understand the VPN topic.

Overall test thoughts - I had never failed a certification before although I admit I should not have taken the test when I did. This exam is unlike the CCNA R&S where the Cisco Press books are all you really need as long as you lab. I found documentation lacking for many topics and none of the study materials encompass all the information you need to know. Couple the lack of good sources with a high passing score (an 860!?) and you have your challenge set out for you. In the end I do feel ready to tackle this tech in the workplace, Cisco did their job here. I did not have any buggy simulations during the test. I did feel the need to write a few comments, some of the questions did not provide enough information, where the answer could be taken one way or another depending on how you understood the question. They need to make their questions more clear and concise, especially with needing such a high score.

Anyways this is my five minute write up. Please pardon any grammar mistakes. Just the information I was looking for when I took the test.
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    ac1d12a1n wrote: »
    Overall test thoughts - I had never failed a certification before although I admit I should not have taken the test when I did.

    Congrats and thanks for the detailed write up! I'm studying for this cert right now and I think that it will also be the first one that I fail. What's next for you?
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    I am a WGU student, so I am eyeing up my Linux + next. Cisco wise I am eyeing up the collaboration as I would love to learn more about voice.
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    Thanks for the write-up. Congratulations and good luck on L+!
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    Congrats this is one I will be working on this summer.
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    I actually picked up a 5505 to run some labs on, but the most I really did was basic configuration and set up a vpn on my home network. Most of it was watching the videos though.
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    Congrats on the pass! I know this one has given a lot of people fits.
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    How good was the INE course? Have seen some demos in youtube and understood nothing due to the accent of the instructor.
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