Taking the Net+; Sec+ or CCENT next?

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This is my very first post!

Back Story: I just recently graduated from college with an Information Systems degree and felt like I needed more to learn from. Therefore I am now in a Master's program in Information Assurance hoping to pursue a career in cybersecurity. With that, I have been studying for the Net+ cert and will take it within a couple weeks.

Question: So after I finish the Net+, would it be easier/more beneficial to go for the CCENT or Sec+ right after? And what cert - for a soon-to-be cybersecurity professional - should I go after next?
Thank you all in advance!


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    It really depends on the direction you want to go. If you're interested in cyber security, then I would pursue Security+ as a foundation. If you prefer to stay on the network side, go for CCENT. Comptia has recently put out a cyber security pathway that involves Security+ > CSA+ > CASP.
    This would be the route I'll be taking(also currently enrolled in cyber security program at my university). For me it will be Network+ > Security+, Cisco Cyber Ops > CSA+ > CASP > CISSP

    You'll learn as I did after deciding to pursue cyber security that it is a vast field to get into that has many different paths to pursue. Best advice I can give is to see what aspect of cyber security you are more passionate about and go in that direction. Good luck!
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    Gotchya. And I have heard that a lot too, to follow the direction that interests you the most. I am leaning heavily towards CompTia's security pathway but also want to acquire something cisco related. I see you have Cisco Cyber Ops which I haven't heard of and looks really interesting...do you have or planning on taking the CCENT/CCNA before you take that?

    Thanks for your response!
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    I don't have the Cisco Cyber Ops cert yet. I'm in the Sept 2017 cohort. I was selected for their scholarship for this cert. My goal is to complete my Network+ and Security+ before I start Cisco Cyber Ops. I have education and some training, but prefer to have the actual cert before I start Cisco Cyber Ops. Another reason to take the Network+ and Security+ before my Sept cohort start date is two of my undergraduate classes at my university have classes that focus on Network+ and Security+ so I'm hoping by having these certs before I start school, I will be able to test out and not waste a semester worth of classes when I don't need to.

    There are no prerequisites for Cisco Cyber Ops, but I wouldn't oppose the idea of obtaining Cisco certs. My end goal is to become a Cyber Security Analyst for a SOC or work in the public sector for DHS.
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    Complete Security+ next...the CSA+ is unproven at this point but perhaps depending on how long it takes you to complete Net+/Sec+ it might gain a little traction. Traditionally CompTIA certifications are made for the entry level professional...once you start going down a path like Cisco, you are starting to get deeper and more challenging exams.

    The strategy that seems to be the most ideal is to rotate InfoSec certifications with OS / Network / Programming credentials.

    So for instance:
    Network+ > Security+ > CCENT/CCNA:R&S or MCSA (or Linux+) > Another Security > Whichever you didn't complete from CCNA / MCSA / Linux+ > Another Security...and so on.

    Basically continuing the path until you decide the specific path to pursue. Realize the better you understand how components operate, the better you can secure an environment and identify malicious administrators / users. The only path that prepares you without having to zig zag is the SANS training with GIAC certifications, but they are quite expensive so most cannot go down that path...at least at first.
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    Thank you TechGuru80!

    This honestly is what I have been looking for and what I have had in mind of a cert path. Looking at the certs you have obtained and the roadmap you've attached, I believe this is the way to go personally for me and should be a standard. I will be finishing up my net+ and sec+ within the next 2 months and will move on to CCENT/CCNA.

    I appreciate it so much!
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