More XRY (Cell Phone Forensics) Training Completed!

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Spent the last three days in more digital forensics training for XRY and it was great! For whatever reason my agency sent us to the level 2 and 3 training before level 1 so we completed level 1 first. Wednesday was train the trainer and was built to allow us to train all the Detectives in our agency on the use of the equipment. We are the specialists and are expected to step in for the harder phones if there are issues line Detectives can't get around. Finally, today was training on the XRY link analysis program. It was definitely extremely eye opening and an amazing product. Only issue I had with it is the examples were clearly not created with the help of law enforcement officers. I realize they were trying to showcase the features, but at the same time they performed analysis in ways that were time consuming and looking for information I would have used their extraction tool to find.

I believe (my agency hasn't said who would be attending yet) I'll be going to the next two trainings. In two weeks it will be Advanced Apps Analysis course which I am really looking forward to. Five days of Python, SQLite databases, and reverse engineering of applications in order to get the data from apps not currently supported by XRY. The training after that will be the removal of the chips on the phones and the extraction of data that way. Thankfully, the Detectives in my unit are electronics guys so they will be giving me a refresher on soldering as I haven't done it in a number of years.
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