Two-tier Collapsed design help

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I am currently studying for the CCENT and using a few different resources. I am a bit confused about the Cisco Two-Tier collapsed design.

In Odom's ICND1 100-105 book, he explains the two-tier as a "collapsed core" therefore using only the access and distribution layers.

On a couple practice exams, I keep getting this question wrong when they ask which layer is removed in the Cisco collapsed design. I pick core, hence the collapsed core, but the correct answer is always the distribution layer.

Cisco official documentation isn't very clear on which is actually eliminated.

Can anyone offer some clarification?

Thank you.


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    On a collapsed core, the Dist. layer and core are the same switch. Normally they will run fiber from the Core/Dist switch to the access layer switches with a L2 link. Most small businesses use this design. Enterprise design will have an L3 link from the Dist back to the core. Almost all routing done on the Dist layer.
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