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I've purchased Gibson's premium access. Anyone could provide a study plan from their experience with Gibson Premium site? I understand know all the answers on the site is not enough. If anyone could share how to effectively use Gibson site, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. I test on the 15 of march.


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    1. 1. Watch Professor Messer Security+ Videos on Youtube (free)
    2. Read Gibsons Book or just the areas you need work on
    3. Do Gibson Practice Tests and know WHY you are choosing the answer(learn mode), not just memorization and score 85%+ consistently (test mode)
    4. Do Gibson Premium Access content, especially the Simulations
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    i read Gibson's book, and then proceeded by going through the Chapter questions in order on the premium site followed by the simulations. i can't stress enough the importance of going through the simulation questions.
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    I have a practical advice, brush up your networking knowledge, because you will need it to pass the exam, they are not on Gibson's book.
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