692 - I'll Take It!!!

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I passed the OS today with a 692. All things considered, I am pretty happy about it. I must have had some luck on my side and got some of the questions I guessed at correct.

I feel I was very well prepared for the exam. Through study and lab work, I became well acquainted with all the subject matter. I really think that if you use the test question, from this site and whatever other questions you can get a hold of, properly, you will pass the OS test. The proper way to use test questions, in my opinion, is:
1) Don't overtake them.
2) Take note of what questions you get wrong and reread the sections of your workbook on those topics. Don't just memorize the answers to the questions you missed. and
3) Don't rush. We're all in as hurry but make sure you're digesting what you're reading.
I tried to do these three things and they worked for me.

Getting a really high score just isn’t in the cards for me. I can't figure out what a lot of these questions are asking on these tests! Through a maze of dangling participles and split gerunds come some of the most confusingly worded questions I've ever heard. It’s like if one of these question writers gave me directions to get back home from the test site, I’d be wandering around out on the Santa Anna Freeway right now. Bear in mind, I live in Connecticut! I know I got at least a couple of questions wrong where I would have certainly gotten it right if only I could understand what they were asking! Why they try to trip us up this way I don’t know. One of these questions is about an upgrade. An upgrade I’ve done a few times and could tell anyone step by step how to do. On the test, I did get an upgrade question wrong. To me the question could have been asking one of two things. I went the wrong way with it.

I just wanted to give you a heads up. Some tricky questions you may not be able do anything about, but know the subject matter and you will pass.

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Thanks to everone on this site and the site itself for helping me become A+ certified.
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