Does "Entry Level" jobs mean you don't experience and come with training?

So I'm still an undergrad student. I have zero experience in IT, but do hold 3 active Comptia certifications (A+, Network+, and Security+) How can I break barrier of no experience and getting the first job. Does "Entry Level" jobs mean you don't have any experience and come with some kind of training? Should I apply for Entry level jobs? Internship pops in my head too. Can you give me advice. Thank you in advance.


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    I'd 100% be looking for internships that are related to your field of study at this point. But, to answer your question, "it depends". Some companies view entry level as the idea that you're not mid level yet, but you know how to do the basic tasks they need you to do for your job already. Some view it as the idea that you're technically minded, seem like you'd get along well with everyone else and they could train you to do what they need. Unfortunately there isn't really a single correct answer.
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    Entry level should mean that, or at least mean that you don't need experience in that particular role. BUT unfortunately many companies do ask for experience in the role that they are advertising as entry level.

    So something to be aware of is something like "Entry Level System Administrator" where they might want IT work experience, just not specifically in that role.

    Typically, entry level entry level (no real prior experience in the field at all) will be things like Helpdesk roles. You also do sometimes come across Graduate programs for newly graduated students, although these can be very competitive.
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    Agree with everything above with one more to add: sometimes entry-level refers to the salary they're willing to pay, they still want someone with experience.
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    Apply, apply, apply. Apply to anything you think you can do and find interesting. Don't get hung up on what job ads say for required experience or skills for that matter. Just because a company asks for certain things on a job ad, doesn't mean they can actually find someone who can fit all those requirements.
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