Basic CPT Labs

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I've a few basic CPT Lab files compiled from exam practice questions and I'm wondering if anyone here (well, people new to CCENT/CCNA, anyway) would find them of use?

I've put together a sample web page, with just one example of the kind of thing I mean. Link URL="http://rob42.net/test_lab.htm"]Rob42.net - Test Lab[/URL

It's based on a question from the CCNA (Command practice) page that can be found on this site, which I put together in order to test myself. I also find that 'Labbing' the questions, helped me to remember the commands.

In the interests of 'giving back' and 'sharing', I'm willing to put some time in and construct more of theses pages, but only if people think it's a good idea: No point if nobody's interested.

Please have a look at what I've done and offer any advice and/or criticism (please keep it constructive) that you think will be of help, by posting back to this thread.

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