Passed LX0-103

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Hello all, I have been lurking around for a bit and thought I'd share my experience on this mornings' test. As the title states it was the CompTIA Linux LX0-103 exam and it was a doozy. The first 5 questions were incredibly easy but thats where it ended. It was a tough exam, you really need to know what the commands do (all the switches) and need to extend your learning out beyond the samples provided in the book, I can't emphasize this enough. No doubt a hard exam but I did not see an unfamiliar terms or concepts, as the book seem to do a pretty good job of covering it. Again, know your commands and switches by heart. Uppercase, lowercase, short and long, everything. Alot of multiple answer (Select 2 or 3 type) questions and a few (2-3) fill in the blank.

I studied about 2 months maybe a little less, 2 hr/night weekdays and maybe 3 hours each weekend day. I had little Linux experience before this; just some remnants of college and what I picked up in Kali Linux.

Study Reference:
CompTIA Linux+ / LPIC-1 Cert Guide
Linux Academy

For now, SANS 504 on demand starts tomorrow for me and I hope to pick up the LX0-104 to complete the certification in June.

Good Luck and Happy Studying! icon_study.gif


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    Congrats on the LXO-103 pass!
    Good luck on the LXO-104
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    i did pass lx0-103 today 780/800 .
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    Congrats!! icon_cheers.gif

    Good luck on part two
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    I just signed up for Linux Academy , how much did that help with the exam?
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