515 = Passed!

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Howdy Folks!

Yes, that's right, I passed with an exact score of 515, and as many of you all know, 515 is the minimum needed to pass.

After putting off taking the exam for a couple of years now, I suddenly had a desire to take it, and I registered for it just a couple days ago. I spent as much time studying as I could, but it obviously wasn't enough.

I'll be taking the OS part next week, and i'm feeling a bit more confident about that, than I was with the hardware. The things that really tripped me up were IRQ's, I/O addresses, SCSI, and other oddball questions (power supply voltages, etc). It is my advice to everyone that you STUDY hard on those things i've just listed.

I guess I could have done better, and when the new version comes out, i'll probably take it and improve my score, but for now, i'm happy, and i'm going to move on to the OS part, and then advance into the Network+ test.

The scary thing is, when I was finished with the test, I went back and changed a few answers I wasn't real sure about, which resulted in me either saving myself from failure, or almost pushing me under 515. I don't even want to think about it, anymore. icon_wink.gif


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    And unless you are purely taking the next exam for yourself, there is no reason to take each version. You are more likely to work with older technologies in the field. FWIW
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