Help me in building an infosec career

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I finished my Post graduation in Computer science and Information Security.I would like to build up my career in IT Security field.As a fresher noob, I'm just planning to join RHCE course in coming days. Does it helps to move in slowly by gaining some practical knowledge?
or should I think of C|EH or something?

Thanks in advance.


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    CEH has an experience requirement. Linux is a good skill to have, as well as any sysadmin/netadmin skills. It may be helpful to develop some of these skills as you begin working in IT security.
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    Thanks bro for the reply,
    as you said I'm planning to get a start.But I want to know how much is the possibility for jumping to IT security from Sysadmin field (later on).
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    I believe most people here will recommend Security+ to start. It's entry-level yet broad enough to cover many of the important infosec areas to give you a basis to build on & determine where you next want to focus deeper on (hint - most people choose penetration testing aka "hacking" - although your path my better lie elsewhere)
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    Thanks for reply '636-555-3226'; As I have a degree on InfoSec, hope I have some basics. As you said, Pen-testing, Security analyst is my first option. But now I'm joining RHCE and I have set my ultimate target to reach the IT Security field.
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