I've already passed Sec+, getting Net+

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I used Darril Gibsons content to pass the Sec+ and passed that with a 823, so for the Net I've gotten Darril Gibsons content again.

Is there anything more i need to pass Net+? As i'm going throuhg th content for Net+ there seems to be a bit less than Sec, Is that because the Sec is more complicated?

Any other good Net+ resources i should look int?


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    Mike Meyers Network+ All In One Guide. Just for an extra resource, I also purchased his Udemy course which follows his All In One Guide chapter by chapter. Currently studying Network+ so my strategy is to ready the chapter, then watch the video chapter on Udemy, then take the end of Chapter quiz.
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    I actually found the Sec+ to be a little easier than Net+ but I think it's because I had opted to get the Net+ first so I already had an rudimentary understanding of some of the concepts. If I remember right, CompTIA recommends the path of A+, Net+, and then Sec+, which I agree with wholeheartedly. If you've gotten Sec+ already you may find Net+ a bit easier, although there is a lot of Net+ that doesn't necessarily have much to do with Sec+. Good luck!
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    I suggest reading that book then using Professer Messer youtube videos. Dont waste your time with Mike Meyers video series, it lacks a lot. After that do all of the free examcompass.com exams until you avg atleast 95% on them. Then go buy the pearson simulator software for about 35$, that prepares you for the performance based questions. Do all of them! After that get Darril Gibsons learnzapp on your phone for 7.99. Its 1000% worth it. Go thru the whole app until you avg 95%-100% Use the flashcards on the app as well! Between all of these resources I guarantee you will be fully prepared! Not only will you pass but you will have actually gained a lot of knowledge that you will actually be comfortable enough to talk about in an interview! Being able to speak about these concepts just landed me a great job . Best of luck
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