Helpdesk to SysAdmin to Cisco - Resume question

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Hello everyone, my post today is about what I should include on my resume for about my 2 years experience doing phone help desk, 5 years experience doing system admin/help desk. I want to merge into the Network/Security/Forensics arena. I want to touch the switches and routers and do packet tracing and forensics type stuff.

I'm very familiar with ADUC, PowerShell, Windows Servers, troubleshooting, and using GPO's, but the field I want to get into doesn't seem to have much correlation with my past experience, so would hiring companies even want to know much about what I did in those jobs, anyway?

I am thinking about focusing my resume towards painting myself as an entry level Network/Security candidate and not trying to stretch my past experience. In other words, I'm thinking of summarizing my past experience up in just a few lines like I did here and then list my current efforts in education that target the network/security jobs. I am wondering if this is the right move or if I am taking my previous experience lightly.

Any thoughts?


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    I have same question. I have some previous IT support exp but wish to start in Networking field as a fresher. Should I be doing the same as a quick summary as O.P. or ?
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    It might help us if you do a couple of things.

    1) What does your current resume look like
    2) What have you come up with so far.

    This gives us a bit of starting place to help you out. The forum is great for giving out resume ideas and assistance etc.
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