Favorite/best Interview Question?

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I'll be hiring a few summer interns to do general Info Sec work for me in a couple of days. I was just wondering what are some good questions to ask? I feel like my usual questions are a bit dry and need a bit more depth. Anyone have a favorite question from a past interview that engaged you or the person you were interviewing?


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    Tell us about something you've fixed in the past few weeks non-IT related

    This one made my nose bleed.
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    It's the end of the day on Friday and you are the only person left in IT (the rest are on a work outing and you drew the short straw to be on-call). You see two of the directors come up to you and they tell you they need some information urgently.

    They need to know how much the building weighs. They can't tell you why (it's classified) but it's urgent and you are the only propeller head they know who can help them work out this number without which there is a risk the building will fall down.

    You have no-one else in the company to call on as the directors focus is more on board rooms and golf courses, staff are out of mobile range at the beach so how do you work out this number?

    Points will be awarded for explaining your rational as you formulate the calculation and assumptions. You don't have to know the specific calculations is you tell me how you get there.

    It is a variant on the "how many ping pong balls fit inside a jumbo jet) question I've had a few times, but gives the candidates visual aids by looking around them.

    It can be fun to watch a candidate who has read up on the standard responses to interview questions fall out of their comfort zone and is all about creating this unexpected challenge.
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