PowerShell and DSC type jobs and pay

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Folks, I wondered if anyone had some information regarding PowerShell career type jobs.

It seems PowerShell is making some big moves with areas such as going open source with other OS's like Linux, Microsoft has declared PowerShell the backbone of all it's future products, and let's not forget Desired State Configuration (DSC) and how it has the potential to be the greatest thing since GPO's and then some.

So, with these types of things in mind, where are the PowerShell hiring jobs, I wonder. Indeed doesn't do much for PowerShell with a word search. I'm wondering is this thing could be too brand new for businesses to recognize the value.

Any thoughts here on PowerShell job opportunities and market value for someone who has this skill set?


  • VeritiesVerities Member Posts: 1,162
    If you're currently a Windows admin or want to get into that realm, then learning Powershell is a logical step forward and will only increase your market value. To address your other points...pretty much every scripting language used in Open Source community has been around longer than Powershell, which means its the new kid on the block. While it may be useful for Windows admins and potentially mixed environment admins, its unlikely to gain widespread popularity/use with the Open Source community or Mac users. Most distros have the standard BASH, Python, and PERL scripting capabilities baked in. As far as DSC, you can use configuration management utilities on both Windows and Linux for free (i.e. Ansible and Saltstack) or Puppet or Chef. I'm not trying to discourage you, I just want to help you understand why Windows is behind the curve.
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    I think the major advantage PShell has over nix shells/PERL is that the entire object can pass through the script; whereas in BASH it is a flat stream of text that needs to be parsed as it comes through (think .xml v .csv) But concur w/ Verities; still is very new outside of the Windows environment.
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