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Yes, I'm as green as they come. I just finished my 3rd year of my Bachlors degree in business, and found that I loved the LAN course I took this last simester. I loved it so much, that I seriously am thinking that IS is an area I could be interested in. I've always been good with computers, I've taken several courses through my University, and I've built a couple within the last few years (and yes, I know that doesn't mean I know jack).

My question(s) is: Is the A+ certification the best place to start for someone like me? And assuming it is, is there a recent book I can grab that'll help? I found a bunch online, but they seem a little dated.

Thanks for any help you can offer, and please be gentle.
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    The knowledge you will pick up by going for the A+ would be a great start. Plus the test is really not that hard you if you study & study & study some more.

    The Mike myers all-in-one is a great book. It's alittle big, but very easy to read and helpful.. Also I would recommend taking plenty of practice tests. They are very effective. Also if you enjoyed the LAN course. you'll probably enjoy the network+ more than the A+. but I say go for the A+ first. It makes the N+ easier.
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    I would say A+ and Net+ would a great start for you. They would give the basics of both hardware/software, and networking. Mike Myers AIO is a great book for both.
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    Business is a good crossover degree, especially if you grab a few certs. I'd also take as many computer electives as possible in your remaining business degree and you might want to look into getting a two year computer degree to go along with your business degree. You'll likely only have to take the core computer classes left to get an associates degree.

    Do you plan on going for an MBA also? This would open you up for management positions down the road.

    I have a degree in Criminal Justice and went back for a two year computer degree and I'm now on the cert track. It's never too late to do something you love.
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    Thanks for the nice responses!

    And as far as an MBA goes, I'm considering it, just not sure if I can stand a few more years of school right now.
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    I'll second the Meyers book as a reference, However, is A+ the 'best' place to start is relative to where you think you want to work in IT. If your interest is more in Networks, support and Network engineering/adminstration, then I wouldn't concentrate too much effort on an A+.

    A+ won't hurt you, but if it hardware and OS are not that much of an interest for you, Start with NET+ and begin working through your MS and Cisco paths.
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