Next Step ITIL suggestions for Operations Manager/Director

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Hi to this forum, but reviewed many of the threads and this seems to be a great community.

I have my ITIL-F, and am planning on moving forward to the next ITIL training and (hopefully) certification and I was hoping to get some advice.

I have a technical background but have moved into the Service side of the house for abit over 2 was in this role I decided to pursue ITIL framework to help my direct role and the others I work with. I am currently in the Service Operations Manager role, but may be transiting to the Delivery role or even Manager of the overall Services team.

I looked at the ITIL-P (this seems to align with CSI, if I understand it correctly) but not sure if to get ready for that (not only for cert but also as a measured step into Intermediate training) or pursue another area such as SO, OSA or even CSI.

I was hoping to hear your feedback on how best decide on my next steps up the ITIL path.



  • UncleBUncleB Member Posts: 417
    I found that after a long time in the technical side that the Service Operations and CSI exams were logical paths to consolidate my experience into certification, while the other areas from the Lifecycle track to ITIL Expert were more challenging as I had less exposure to them.

    The SO and CSI are very useful in the role as Service Delivery Manager (the ITIL Expert cert was instrumental in landing me 2 contracts in this field) so I would recommend looking at them.

    If you are looking at a director role as the title of the thread suggests, then this is more likely to benefit from something more like TOGAF than the ITIL exams - just my opinion.
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    ITIL in the US is a money grab anything past foundations (generally speaking). Sure you can find some consultant positions (preferring) expert or advanced, but generally overall knowledge and foundations lands the gig, if you have experience.

    Architect positions seek SOA or TOGAF in the US, operations is usually a bachelors degree in something respectful with foundations and some charisma buys you an operational manager position.
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    Hi Yoshii, if you're interested in ITIL Practitioner, I would start by buying and reading the book. There's a lot of good content in there and it will help you decide if the training is for you. SO or OSA are both good courses, and to be a well-rounded manager I would recommend you start to read up on areas complementary to ITIL - DevOps, Lean, Agile, SIAM etc. are all topics you should have an awareness of.

    We did a survey at the end of last year to identify hot topics for 2017, which you can about here: Training Survey Results: Hot Topics for 2017 | ITSM Zone

  • Yoshii CaponeYoshii Capone Member Posts: 17 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I believe SO will be my next course of study...some great info and advice here, and it is much appreciated.
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