need some proposation

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hey i am new here and i am studying network adminstration
i dont have funds to pay for certification i would like to know if there is some website that provide free certification


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    Unless you want certifications that an employer will have no clue what it is while looking at your resume, I'd say no. But there are some free resources out there like Cybrary when you can learn some stuff but I wouldn't put a Cybrary certificate of completion on my resume.
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    If you ask really nicely, I bet someone on here will just pay for them for you. Have to ask reallyyyyy nicely though (notice how much Ys I used, I was trying to emphasize that word. Hopefully it worked when your read it)
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    thank you for your answer :)
  • wail523wail523 Registered Users Posts: 4 ■□□□□□□□□□
    i asked very nicely bro and if i had money i ll do certification i left many chance to work because certification
    to be honest with you i have skills but skills without a certification is worthless in companies
    soory if i was rude or something and soory for my bad english too
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    I was going to give a 98% chance we would never hear from you again! First post on an account with zero punctuation... I liked my odds. I was the rude one though.

    But for a serious answer, you really have to find a way to scratch the money together for a certification if you want anything that will actually help or matter. There are definitely a lot of free training out there on the internets though.
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    do u know some serious training with certification website?
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    What certification are you looking for?
    Are you currently working ?
    What is your background ?
    Have you tried asking help from friends or family?
    Have you tried getting a (second) job to pay for the certification?

    There have been times earlier in my career when I had to obtain a second job in order to pay for some of my certifications but it pays off in the long run.
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    Get a credit card to pay for your certs, thats what I did. I got a 0% interest card and use it ONLY for certs.
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    ...there are some free resources out there like Cybrary when you can learn some stuff but I wouldn't put a Cybrary certificate of completion on my resume.

    Reputable training=check out

    Create a free account and have access to solid on demand video training. As previous posters said this won't lead to a direct certification but you'll have access to the study/learning materials and Cybrary does offer free microcertifications but those don't hold must value with employers. I believe cybrary also has links to discounted Comptia exam vouchers so that's a good option for when you want to challenge an exam.
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    Here's how I pay for things I can't really afford. Other than the credit card option mentioned above, start putting aside $20-$50 per month (or whatever you can afford) until you have enough money. While you're saving, resist the temptation to spend that money. I paid for a few vacations that way.

    While you're saving, take advantage of the FREE training on Cybrary. You can also find some decent, low cost training on Udemy.
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    Free 3 months of Pluralsight access (used to be 6 months):

    Good training for most certifications out there.
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