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    I know some (a lot) of you and myself included are motivated by the fact that we don't want to be jobless, but this is just fear. I know that if I lose my job I can just do anything. I'm looking for motivation that's not fear based.

    I guess wanting a more interesting and challenging jobs are motivators. I could easily get a job in my companies security operations center, but that's shift work, 24/7 coverage. Working weekends and holiday's doesn't appeal to me. I want to be the next level up security guys that analyze malware and perform the more interesting security work. Instead of the lower level crap that is like working in the security world version of the help desk.
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    For me it changes as time goes on. To begin with it was my interest in technology, then wanting to reach higher salary. Now that I have a family and a little older, it's about using the income from my career to grow my wealth and increase income outside of the IT field.
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