Do you travel out of state for work?

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The subject says it all. This is mostly directed to any network engineers or those involved in security, but I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who wants to reply.

1) Do you travel out of state for work? If yes, domestic, international or both
2) What is your job title and responsibilities


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    In my previous role, yes, traveled all over US and India... title was Lead ITIL/Governance Advisor, part of job duties included performing security assessments on our vendors
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    For 15+ yrs all over the southwest of the US + NYC. It all ended in 2011 when I was laid off. Don't miss it one bit. 5 of those 15 yrs I was with a Apartment company ( Who works at Apts ??? Girls) the fun I had and stories I could tell. Anyway I would travel all over and setup PC's within the leasing office and set them up on a peer to peer network.

    Next almost 11 years was with a massive commercial real estate Co. Traveled every other week to Houston, Denver, Salt lake city managing all aspects of IT for those offices, except configuring switches/Routers. Did it all. This also including regular trips to LA and NYC for meetings and such. This was high class. I had limo's or black car service. Stayed at high dollar hotels, ate at fine $$$ restaurants. I was a King. I believe one month my travel expenses was 9K. I was and everyone else who lived the high life was laid off in 2011 to outsourcing when a new CIO came in.
    I used to get withdrawals when I would see a plane fly over my house, seriously, took about a year plus to get rid of that. I accumulated so many free hotels, rental cars and flights. In a way it was fun but at mid 40's I am done with that. TSA stuff is PITA. No more
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    Not exactly an IT role, but in a previous life I installed security systems and traveled all over the country. I can relate to being in several different cities within a week. I was 17 at the time and never gave it a second thought. Many of the jobs I've had since then required some travel up until recently.
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    Thanks for the replies. Some of stories sound horrible to me haha. I don't like to travel for work, or much at all, which is why I asked.

    I'm also very interested to hear from those in these types of roles who do not have to travel
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    I was a Systems Engineer for an MSP and sometimes travelled around the country (Australia) for clients with interstate branches. I didn't mind it because I was being paid to sit on a plane for hours, accommodation was paid for, saw some of the country, and typically there wasn't a full day's work at each site (or if it went multiple days, it ended on a partial day). So it was easier than normal work :) Also, I like flying and airline food.

    But the situation has changed for me now with a family, so I'm not sure if I would take a job knowing that it required lots of travel.... but I'd be open to some travel.
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    I travel both domestic and international. Maybe 5-7 times a year. Sometimes more frequent sometimes less. I really don't mind it too much. It's free and get to see new places. Sometimes new anyway. I'm frequently in the bay area. The only thing that sucks is when I have to fly to the west coast for a two day trip. Long flight, short stay.

    Job title Senior Network Architect. Mostly Data Center design and new product development. I do some consulting for larger customers as well.
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    I travel domestic and soon to be internationally to South America, Central America, and Canada. Travel is about once a month. I am a Sr Manager Information Security Risk Management so I'm doing audits, risk assessments, incident handling (from a liaison between client and my company standpoint), and other GRC work. I enjoy it because I've had to turn down so many consulting opportunities due to M-Th/F travel which I will not do right now.
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    NO. I am not travel to other state for my work.
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    Every once in a while. I've hit California (Napa Valley) and Chicago for training and setting networks up. That's about it.

    Some travel every year or so. It's slowing down, though. Faster WAN speeds and better tools.
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    MitM wrote: »
    Thanks for the replies. Some of stories sound horrible to me haha. I don't like to travel for work, or much at all, which is why I asked.

    I'm also very interested to hear from those in these types of roles who do not have to travel

    If you do not want to travel get a job at a company that has no other facilities or that your role is only for that specific facility or a company thatn do not provide service t others.
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    My first job i used to travel within my state, probably 60-80miles a day taking care of 5-10 tickets a day. Got in a few accidents doing that, then moved in house IT department.
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    I only travel for training. My company has several locations so I travel to those 3-4 times a year just for training. I also do 2-3 external training events that involve travel. I see all of them as a mini-vacation icon_smile.gif
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    I used to work out of my house and would travel to different customer sites in different countries and states.

    I then took a job that is fixed position with no travel... I actually prefer a little bit of travel.

    I am going back to my old company and will have control of my travel schedule while still working out of my house.
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