Length of time for MS to post pass on transcript?

It's been atleast a month for my 291 and MS hasn't posted pass, anyone had as long or longer than this?
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  • kalebkspkalebksp Member Posts: 1,033 ■■■■■□□□□□
    I've only had to wait few days. Did you take it at a different testing provider? ie, Vue vs. Prometric?
  • 12thlevelwarrior12thlevelwarrior Member Posts: 302
    ok, i am gonna give em a call. this is the story.

    it was the same testing center as the 270, i called to schedule the test and said i wanted the second shot, they said i didn't have to pay until i pass, go take the test, pass, and ask the guy if i need to pay him. the guy at the testing site says i don't owe him anything, i don't argue with him and leave.

    i kept my testing receipt, might have to use this

    thanks :D
    Every man dies, not every man really lives.
  • OlajuwonOlajuwon Inactive Imported Users Posts: 356
    1 business day for me.
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