Shfting career into Cyber Security

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Hello My Deal Friends,

I have 9+ Years experience in IT Infrastructure (Network,Servers,Desktop), and from the last 5+ years working in Network impementation side dealing with Cisco , Juniper devices. But recently went through some of the articles and got really impressed and planning to move my career into Cyber security . Currently I am CCNA and CCNP (Routing and Switching) , thing is first I checked with some of my friends who already working in Information security field , and some of them suggested to first take CEHv9 certification .

Is it really make sense, as I checked through ec council website they mentioned atleast 2 years experience in Information security field need to attempt the exam or I need to attend CEH official training but looks like it very costly. And now I am totally confused.

Can someone advice me ?


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    This should be discussed over on the EC-Council forum but as long as you can justify to them that your work experience is secutiry related in some way shape or form, you should be good.
    I'm not allowed to say what my previous occupation was, but let's just say it rhymes with architect.
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    Hello McxRisley ,

    Thanks for your reply. Some of the people advice to get CEH certification as a stepping stone to Cyber Security but some of them advice me that its not worthy. Now I am totally confused.

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    Pick the education, certification, and skills that you need for a future career path based on the requirements in postings of jobs that you would like to have. If CEH is a cert that you see asked for in those postings then go for it. There are many types of InfoSec jobs that have little use for CEH knowledge and skills.

    Security+ is usually the start for you to determine if you like InfoSec as your main line of work. (Many NetOps people do not like SecOps.) Having the CCNS:Sec and CCNP:Sec are always good in a strong networking shop where "Buy Cisco" is the rule. (Have you considered the CCIE:Sec?) You also should look at the SSCP and CISSP, but let the job postings guide you.

    Also realize that some certs (e.g., CEH, CISSP) require professional InfoSec work experience. You can take and pass the exams, but you can't get the full certs until you have 2-4 years of verifiable InfoSec work experience--which you may already have depending upon what you did in your NetOps roles.
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