Round Robin Vs Process Switching

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Hi All
I wish u r in very good health. I have question about RIP. Rip perform load balance which is known as Round Robin. Also IOS support 2 kinds of load balance which are fast switch and process switch. I think that round robin and process switch is the same. Is that true or i am wrong ????
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    Rip can perform 2 types of load balancing.Per destination and per packet.
    By default it uses per destination which means all packets for a destination will be sent over one link.
    You can enable process switching which is per packet load balancing and it works in a round robin fashion.
    So yes process switching is round robin.
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    So Ed.......

    Are you saying that RIP v.1 or v.2 wont equally load balance all packets by default over 3 equal hop count destination routers ?
    I think it will.....

  • EdTheLadEdTheLad Posts: 2,112Member ■■■■□□□□□□
    Hi Dave,
    They wont equal load balance traffic over the 3 links but they will load balance destinations over the 3 links.For instance if you had a route to remote network and on this remote network you had 3 different hosts,.2,.3 the traffic for the first destination host will be sent on the first load balanced link,the second host on the secod link and the thirdhost on the third link.If you would like to set this up you can check with the debug ip packet command.
    In order to load balance on a traffic point of view you need to config
    no ip route-cache.
    Networking, sometimes i love it, mostly i hate it.Its all about the $$$$
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