Passed!! 962!

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I passed 640-801 yesterday with a score of 962! :D

It's such a huge relief - I've been studying non-stop for this for such a long time now.

I used a crazy amount of resources to learn from, these including:

- Wendell Odom's INTRO and ICND books
- Sybex 5th Edition
- ****.com - I *thoroughly* recommend this website to all of you. You get what you pay for, and it certainly paid off for me.
- ElementK vLabs - all well and good, but they only provide 1900 switches, no 2950's.
- Boson NetSim - excellent piece of kit. I had previously tried RouterSim but found so many bugs it was unreal.
- Cisco CCNA Prep Center - there's plenty of useful info on there (
- - quite a handy site for doing free practice tests if you don't want to pay out for ****

Good luck to everyone still studying. It's such an amazing feeling once it's done that it's worth every bit of effort. I now don't feel guilty having my feet up watching TV (instead of studying!). That's right up until I begin on my CCNP of course, but I'll give myself some time off before that!

Thanks to everyone on here too - you guys helped keep me motivated.



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    Congratulations! :D
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    CONGRATZ dude........nice score
  • HumperHumper Posts: 647Member
    Congrats!!! icon_lol.gif How did you find the ICND tests that were included in Wendell Odoms books, were the type of questions similiar in difficulty? Was the ****.com just more practice?
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  • Sa'adSa'ad Posts: 150Member ■■■□□□□□□□
    Congrats smurfk, I knew u'd do it!

    got time for ccnp? I'm sure u do. :)
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  • uksmurfuksmurf Posts: 18Member ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thanks guys :D

    ModemHumper - The Odom book ICND Q & A's are pretty good as they stretch the mind due to being open ended and not providing the multiple choice answers. I panicked myself big time on the night before the exam as I gave a few of them a shot and struggled... that began some hard last minute cramming! In hindsight I think was just having a mental block that evening.

    Sa'ad - too right I do :D I plan to have a month off and start on BSCI next month / beginning of June.

    At the moment I'm in the process of updating my CV - it's time to move on now I've got the CCNA! :D
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