Passed Network+ today

RewireRewire Member Posts: 12 ■□□□□□□□□□
Gotta say out of the trifecta this one was the hardest. It took me the longest to complete (47 minutes vs 28 for Security+ and about 20 min each for A+ 901 and 902) and was the most technical.

Most of the questions were scenario based rather than direct answers, so it's best to know the troubleshooting steps and go from there to the next logical parts. Didn't get too many questions about the OSI model. Used Darril Gibson's resources and the Certmaster course again. Gotta say I felt least prepared going into this one over the other ones, there's a lot more information for this test that is technical based rather than straightforward.

The performance based questions could of been done in my sleep though.

Good luck everyone!


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