CCNP lab kit good for CCNP R&S along with security?

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Hi Guys,

I'm thinking about buying a CCNP lab kit from My question is they have the kits labeled specifically for R&S and Security. If I buy the R&S package could i still use that for security?



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    A ccnp lab should have a few routers and a few switches that are running version 15 of the ios.

    For the ccna:security, you will need a router and a switch that is running version 15 of the ios. So, a ccnp lab should have you covered there.

    But, for the ccna:security, you will also need an asa firewall. They aren't usually in a ccnp lab. So, you will probably need to get one in addition to the ccnp lab equipment.
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    I would highly suggest ebay over cert kits (even though they ad here), as you will get the gear for probably 50% of the price.

    Also I think CCNP Sec includes some Firepower stuff in it, not sure if INE has tokens for ASA's with Sourcefire modules on them, so may want to look into that as well.

    Good luck!
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