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Another typical pass thread, just wanting to share my experience. I started studying mid-January and took the test on Tuesday. I actually thought the test was very fair..I didn't get a whole lot of questions that felt like you had to "pick the best answer out of all the right answers". The answers were pretty clear for most of the test, but admittedly I think I got lucky with the questions because I didn't feel like I was really tested on certain areas I knew I was weak on.

Study materials, in order of usefulness (I'd still recommend using all of them):
1. Conrad 3rd edition - awesome, easy book. made flash cards along the way
2. Cybrary videos/mp3's - I mainly just listened to the mp3's to/from work in the car and that was VERY helpful. There were some questions where I'd literally hear the audio playing back in my head to determine the answer. Maybe it just suits my learning style the best?
3. Conrad 11th hour - good last minute refresher. I read this in the 48 hours leading up to the exam
4. CCCure - thought this was great leading up to the exam, but after taking it I see what people mean when they say it goes way too deep/technical

Submitted my endorsement stuff today. Hoping that doesn't take too long!

Up next for me - PCNSE7 and possibly CCNP Security (hoping for some more exam updates...) depending on the direction my career goes


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    Congrats! I hope to post similar post later this year :)
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    Congrats mate. Best of luck for the next ones.
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    Congratulations. Good turn around time too. I have been studying since October, but could only do 1 or 2 hours a day due to family life.
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    Congrats. You were lucky, mine was the other way round.
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    Same here. Now that I've scheduled my exam, I've geared up...icon_study.gif
    cjthedj45 wrote: »
    Congratulations. Good turn around time too. I have been studying since October, but could only do 1 or 2 hours a day due to family life.
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    Thanks everyone, and good luck to those that are also taking it soon!
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    Congrats! Great job!
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    Thanks again all! For those wondering, it took just under a month from my pass date to receive my official notification from isc2. Got my endorsement submitted 3 days after passing, notification that they were processing it mid-last week, and final email today. Not bad!
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    Congrats ! I received my SSCP endorsement in 25 days in March.
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    not bad for only a couple of months worth of study !
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