RSA Certification(s)

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I was wondering if anyone ever takes and/or talks about getting RSA Certified on these boards or elsewhere? I have found virtually nothing when it comes to taking the RSA SecurID 6.1 exams online. The best I could find was the high level subjects covered and the 6 practice questions or so on the RSA website (

I actually just took the RSA Certified Administrator (RSA/CA) exam yesterday and I passed. However, I felt that I could have probably finished in 25 minutes, instead of 50 minutes if I had felt like I was more prepared for what it would ask. I really went into the exam having no idea what to expect in terms of angles of questions and other specifics they wanted me to know. Luckily my studying and admin experience let me pass with close to a 90% -- but I could see how people could easily fail this exam.

All I found when searching were (very) outdated resources or people posting on message boards asking where they could find more information. Are the exams covered on this site set in stone or can more be added? I am not sure the RSA/CA or RSA/CSE exams have enough of a following to warrant a new board here -- but I wanted to at least throw it out there. I bet there are a lot of people that could benefit from some more guidance.



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