Security+ Exam for IT Security People

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Can anyone provide some insight into how they feel this exam is for someone that does IT Security for a living (in this case, me)? I have seen multiple posts conveying a feeling of difficulty for this exam on here. However, I have also noticed a lot of these posts reference that the exam taker is usually an admin or tech and does not frequently deal with security or look at things from a security perspective.

I've studied on an off for a while now and am close to finishing the QUE Certifcation Book by Todd King (CramSession Approved Study Material?) and I've felt the material was pretty good and straightforward so far. I've also read that people feel a lot of these books leave out essential parts of the exam and multiple books should be used.

My next question is will this book alone coupled with online practice exams, possible a few ebook resources, this forum, and my security knowledge will be enough to pass? I'd like to give it a shot soon but I do not want to do it too early.



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    I was in a similar situation to you with regards to the Network+ exam. I have many years of network experience but wasn't sure if my experience covered all of the exam objectives. I used the Exam Cram 2 book only, and passed with no problems.

    I did notice however that there were questions on the exam not covered in the guide. They were somewhat obscure questions relating to Unix and Mac that I didn't expect nor had experience with.

    Having said that, CompTIA tests are entry level certifications and for someone who already has practical experience, passing their tests is no problem. People with no prior IS experience pass this test daily. If you study and memorize requirements for the objectives, I doubt you will have any problems with the test.
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