COBIT 5 Processes For Security Question

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Hello members this is my very first post, i got a thesis for my university and i'm stuck in the final sub chapter.It is a general scenario with a company that uses COBIT5 framework and is outsourced in a public cloud vendor IaaS.I want to write down specific vulnerabilities/related risks that may have, and also the specific processes of COBIT 5 to deal with them.I searched on the internet but i did not find anything like that specific.Anyone got any idea a free book that i can find, or an article which is like for e.x This is the x,y,z vulnerabilities and the processes of COBIT 5 to address them are the x1,y1,z1, something like that.

I've found some from my own, but i want to verify that are the correct for e.x Untrained staff can be a vulnerability for the company and i used the DS7 processes.
For Loss of governance i used EDM processes.
For Audit i used MEA processes.

Thank you very much for your time.
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