SEC642 Advanced Web Pentesting or SEC660 GXPN

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I'm trying to pick a SANS training to attend this year and hoping someone could help me decide.

The choice is between SEC642 Advanced Web Pentesting or SEC660 GXPN

My company's budget allows for SANS training course + exam, SANS certification attempt and OSCP lab time.

I recently took the OSCP exam and did not pass it. I'm planning on restarting it at some point this year. However after 90 days of OSCP I realized I'm lacking web pentesting skills and want to work on them first. Which would push OSCP towards Q3 of the year.

So for the SANS certification attempt I am studying for SEC542 GWAPT exam.

After reading the book material however I realized it wasn't as in depth as I thought it would be. And what I think I will need is SEC642 Advanced Web Pentesting.

My original plan was to pass OSCP, self study for SEC542 GWAPT and take SEC660 GXPN class which is in April.

Now that I failed my OSCP attempt, would it make sense for me to try to finish SEC542 in the next few months followed by taking SEC642 class in the summer or should I stick with my original plan?

My concern with my original plan is that I haven't even gotten my OSCP so I'm not sure how well I will do in GXPN. I did decided against taking OSEE in the future however so GXPN is one of the training I definitely want to take at some point.


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