Sec+ requeriments, can I do it?

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Hi, i have the free time and the energy to start certificating myself. I wanted to start with the eJPT, i loved hands on tests, but I think that starting with a more theorical test will be much more usefull. What backgrounds do i need to do sec+? Before or after de eJPT/eCPPT? Any info is usefull. Thanks


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    Fela15Fela15 Member Posts: 7 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I know programming (bit of everything, .net, little of c, little of python, php, js, etc), bit of networking (basic), bit of web vulns (know maybe all of them, but i dont think i cant manually test them all), i know what soft exploit are (iv seen bffer overflow, int overflows, but very little, only x86 assembly). Self learning and with a considerable amount of time :)
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    airzeroairzero Member Posts: 126
    It's not exactly required, but I would suggest doing Security+ first since it gives you a good foundation for security in general. The eLearnSecurity courses are great but are more hands on pen testing. While that is more fun, it helps to have the basic understanding of security concepts before diving into that.But again it's up to you. Look over the security+ objectives and if they feel familiar and easy for you to know, then just skip Security+ and dive into the hands on stuff.
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    What experience do you have now? Any certs? Before jumping into Security+ you should probably look at getting your A+ and Network+.
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    ^ Says he guy from COMPTIA, lol, but seriously that wouldn't be a bad place to start well Network+ anyways since it has ports and protocols.
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    Yes!! You can do it!!! Read the Sec+ Objectives and study hard!! :)
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    Based on your second post, I'd say you're probably good to go. I've gone through the barebones stuff on eJPT and I see no reason why that level of networking knowledge shouldn't suffice for the Sec+. It's not exactly an easy test, but the course material is perfectly measured for someone of your experience.
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