77% on net+ mcmcse practice test

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Hi, I've been studying for about a week and a half for my network+(11 days).

After reading an old textbook through once then reading the study guides on this site I decided to head over to the mcmcse.com page and do all the 180 practice qeustions to see how i'd do. I got 77%. From other peoples experiance doing the practice questions should i be good to schedual my exam for this Friday if i keep studying the questions i'm getting wrong(3 hours a day after work, 12 hours total) until then?

Thanks for your input.


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    Let me give you a bit of coaching.

    These certifications, the Network+ included, tests your knowledge of the material covered by the exams. It's not meant to guage how well you can memorize questions. My advise to you would be to schedule your exam once you are confident that you know the material, and can answer any question an exam or potential employer may ask you.
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    11 days is not really enought time to learn anything. You may be memorizing some of the key facts, but not all the objectives. You should be scoring in 90-95% range, and on more than one practice exam. MCMCSE has good questions, but the exam will surely be more difficult than a free practice test. Also, you shouldn't be using an outdated book.
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